Yashin (UK)

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Yashin has been a name on many Scottish music fans tongues over the last 9months. However, The band began their journey with a completely different line-up & sound in early 2005.

After short lived success in qualifying for the King Tuts TBreak Showcase in 2005 & Emergenza Final @ Carling Academy, founders of the Hardcore Glasgow band; (Guitarist) Paul Travers & (Bassist) Andy McShane knew exactly the direction they intended to move in & realised a change of personnel was vital to achieve the power they wanted.

The heavy riffs had to be complemented more from the rhythm section, this opened the door for new boy & Hardcore/ Metal drummer David Beaton, who immediately made an impact in the band with his unique drumming style and hugely likeable personality.

Vocalist Michael Rice had also been a close friend of Andy from University and his vocal talent & songwriting skills lay dormant until Paul and Andy asked him to front what was shaping up to be the most potential underground rock act on the Scottish music scene since Biffy Clyro.

The new look band was set for their first gig at Glasgow Universitys QMU in late May and they left all who witnessed in awe. SMNs James Edmond also jumped at the opportunity to manage the band as he saw the potential & live sound that the band had.

After touring the USA independently, the band realised that they needed to add another guitarist to give them more diversity & to contribute to their live sound, Andys brother Paul McShane immediately solved all problems & brought his amazing ability to the Yashin table.

Influenced by bands like Funeral for a Friend, Killswitch Engage, Avenged Sevenfold, Fightstar, Still Remains & Bullet for my Valentine and many more, there is certainly a melodic mixture of Melody, Hardcore and Heavy Rock in the bands repertoire and the blend of musical tastes are a certain success in the writing of their own music.




  • NOVA ROCK 2021
  • CLAM ROCK 2021
  • LOVELY DAYS 2021
  • PICTURE ON 2021
  • FM4 Frequency Festival 2021


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