The Dirty Nil (CA)


Mo. 08.05.2017 Einlass: 19:00 h Beginn: 20:00 h

The Dirty Nil play rock and roll. Loud, distorted, and out of control, they play like it’s a fever they’re trying to sweat out. Reveling in the din of distorted guitars, pounding drums, and desperately howled vocals, the Hamilton Ontario three-piece makes music for turntables and hi-fi’s - music for dive bars and house parties - for beer drinking and joint smoking - for road trips and barbecues - for fighting and yelling and shouting and singing and screaming and howling - for sweating and bleeding - trying and failing and trying again anyways. Gravel-in-your guts, spit-in-your-eye, staggering, bloodthirsty rock and roll. They have two 7"s available that capture the snarl and destructive noise they create. The Dirty Nil play rock and roll - cause they couldn’t do a damn thing else if they tried.





  • NOVA ROCK 2017
  • THE NOVA JAZZ & BLUES NIGHT Festival 2017
  • CLAM ROCK 2017
  • LOVELY DAYS 2017
  • PICTURE ON 2017
  • FM4 Frequency 2017


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