Splinta (AT)

Since 2002 Splinta is a DJ and promoter of Drum & Bass and other electronic music based in Vienna, Austria. He got into electronic music in 1999 and everything started with a visit at the famous Vienna based Flex club with his old friend Chinch. Here Splinta got in touch with alternative electronic music and especially Drum & Bass for the very first time. He became addicted immediately and soon decided to buy his first equipment to learn and improve DJ mixing and beat matching skills. Then everything went its way – first club bookings followed very soon and in the beginning of 2002 a crew of good friends founded Static Echo. The collective started to organise their own events named Fluid Drum & Bass. This regular club night was held in various venues such as Club Massiv or the infamous Couchuc Club in Vienna for many years. Between 2003 and 2014 Splinta was hosting and promoting the Therapy Sessions Austria franchise at Arena Wien alongside Zubcore. Around 2006 the event series grew up to one of the most hyped across Europe. Splinta played most of Austria’s club venues, followed by some years with DJ gigs in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary. He was always known for playing high-quality DJ sets of Drum & Bass and other electronic music such as Electrohouse and some Dubstep elements. Although he was playing their events since 2007, Splinta became a family member of Switch! (founded by Pandora & Coda) in 2015 which is without doubt, one of Europe’s best and most solid club nights and the crew is also running their own record label called Switch! Recordings. Furthermore, Splinta is resident DJ of the City Warriors Vienna collective, which has been founded in 2007. Splinta loves to make people dance and enjoy the music. “Exactly that's the reason I once decided to DJ. The most important thing in this game is that shining in the people’s eyes. Of course, I love the music I play, but in fact my occasion is to play for the people here, not for myself", Splinta said in a radio interview 2009. Since many years, he is known for first class selections and playing all fresh styles of Drum & Bass, from Deep and Liquid up to JumpUp or Neurofunk, but also classic sets from late 1990s to 2010, depending on the night’s theme and venue.

Be prepared, Splinta is coming!





  • NOVA ROCK 2021
  • CLAM ROCK 2021
  • LOVELY DAYS 2021
  • PICTURE ON 2021
  • FM4 Frequency Festival 2021


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