Mi, 24. Mrz 2010

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ACHTUNG: Aufgrund einer neuerlichen Rückenoperation von Sänger Tom Araya muss die SLAYER Show im Planet.tt/Wiener Gasometer leider abgesagt werden.Karten können überall dort zurück gegeben werden, wo sie gekauft wurden .  Wir bitten um Verständnis! SLAYER Fans aufgepasst: die Band kommt aufs diesjährige Nova Rock Festival presented by T-Mobile, 11.-13. Juni 2010, Pannonia Fields II, Nickelsdorf!SLAYER HAVE TO CANCEL TOUR PLANS UNTIL APRIL „Tom Araya gave various medical treatments more than a fair shot,“ said Slayer’s manager Rick Sales, „but they just haven’t handled the problem, so he’s biting the bullet and is scheduled for back surgery at the end of this month.“ We are very sorry to cancel the Show on March 25th in Vienna, but are looking forward to have SLAYER on the billing for NOVA ROCK Festival, June 11th – 13th 2010.  The headbanging Araya, known for aggressively swinging his long mane of hair while performing, began experiencing back problems while on the band’s Australian/New Zealand/Japanese tour last October. In spite of his rapidly increasing pain and discomfort, he carried on with the tour, but immediately upon returning home saw an orthopedic specialist who diagnosed a Cervical Radiculopathy. The rocker initially did not want to take the major surgery route, so the specialist recommended a series of minimally-invasive procedures. While those procedures have resulted in some improvement, Araya continues to deal with intermittent bouts of severe pain, numbness and muscle spasms. The surgical procedure that Araya will undergo, called an Anterior Cervical Discectomy with Fusion, is a relatively routine practice and the recovery rate is excellent.  Our best wishes for a quick recovery, get well soon!

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Raiffeisen Halle im Gasometer
Guglgasse 8, Gasometer B, 1110 Wien
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