Mi, 7. Jul 2021

Diese Show wurde abgesagt wegen Covid-19

Mind over Matter presents AMON AMARTH

Diese Veranstaltung muss aufgrund der aktuellen Lage (COVID-19) leider abgesagt werden. Es tritt die gesetzliche Gutscheinlösung in Kraft. Hier das Statement der Band:

We are forced to officially cancel and remove all Summer 2021 shows from our website due to the ongoing festival cancellations and postponements across Europe. We look forward to joining you in a concert hall or open field sometime in 2022. In the meantime, continue raising your horns and be on the lookout for something new from us in the Fall.


Heavy metal isn’t just music: it’s a way of life. No current band embodies the spirit of metal’s immersive culture with more fervour and might than Amon Amarth: Sweden’s celebrated Viking overlords and undisputed modern masters of epic heavy metal. Today, Amon Amarth stand tall and unassailable: over 25 years into a career that has seen them evolve from humble origins in the dark, dank rehearsal rooms of their native Tumba to their current status as explosive festival headliners and one of the metal world’s most widely adored bands. Their most recent album, 2015’s Jomsviking, hit the #1 spot in Germany’s official album chart and swiftly became their most successful worldwide release to date. As a result, Amon Amarth are very much at the height of their powers as they prepare to return to action with their biggest, boldest and most bombastic musical statement to date.

  • Einlass 19:00
  • Beginn 20:00
  • Abgesagt
Posthof Linz - Großer Saal
Posthofstraße 43, 4020 Linz
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  • Amon Amarth Headliner


Veranstaltung abgesagt
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  • Posthof Linz

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