Fr, 20. Sep 2024

Asian Dub Foundation 30th Anniversary Tour

Legendary English group Asian Dub Foundation celebrates its 30th anniversary this year! Asian Dub Foundation’s music is a genre in itself. Their unique fusion of jungle rhythms, dub basslines, wild guitars drawing from their South Asian roots, and militant rap. The story began in the early 90s when ADF formed out of a music workshop in East London at the institution that has always remained their spiritual home, Community Music. These beginnings not only shaped their sound but also their broader educational aspirations, exemplified by the establishment of their own educational organization, ADF Education, and their campaigns advocating for victims of miscarriages of justice. Building a solid stage reputation in the mid-90s, they eventually gained worldwide recognition sharing the stage with Rage Against The Machine, the Beastie Boys, and Primal Scream. On record, they collaborate with Radiohead, Sinead O’Connor, Iggy Pop, Adrian Sherwood, and Chuck D. Furthermore, ADF is among the pioneering groups to seriously delve into cine- concerts, starting with their interpretation of the soundtrack of the French classic film „La Haine“ in 2001. Asian Dub Foundation represents 30 years of career and activism marked by memorable concerts across the world, 9 studio albums each more legendary than the last, along with iconic collaborations. In 2024, Asian Dub Foundation will continue to write its history. An special tour in France and Europe will also honor the solidity and longevity of the British group live. 

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