Di, 21. Mai 2024

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Die Show wurde von der Simm City in die Szene Wien verlegt.

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English indie-pop act BANNERS (a.k.a. Michael Joseph Nelson) is known for his effervescent melodies and immensely relatable lyrics about the human condition. With Nelson’s latest full-length, All Back to Mine (Nettwerk), out March 29th, it’s safe to say he owns a market share in feel-good anthems streamlined to soundtrack your best life.

“Someone to You,” his soaring track about simply being “seen,” has nearly 750 million streams on Spotify. The single proved so unforgettable, BANNERS performed it on Season 16 of American Idol. Previous to that, his hit singles could be heard all over television, among them: “Ghosts” on Suits and Teen Wolf, ”Half Light” on The Royals and New Amsterdam, and “Got It in You” on The Good Doctor and America’s Got Talent

Written and recorded over nine months, primarily in Liverpool and on the breathtaking Scottish isle of Lewis, the title, All Back to Mine, refers to an exuberant, long-awaited return to his hometown of Liverpool after spending seven years in Canada to get his career going. Rich in romance and optimism, it’s as positively infectious as you’d expect.

“I put my heartstrings all over this album,” Nelson says. “You want to fill your life with experiences, don’t you? And the more of them, the better. I can’t judge what’s good and what isn’t anymore. All I can do is try to make something that matters.”

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  • Beginn 20:00
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Neue Venue:
Szene Wien
Hauffgasse 26, 1110 Wien
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