Fr, 3. Mai 2019

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Urban Art Forms presents CURTIS ALTO

Curtis Alto; two electronic music producing brothers from Belgium. They are bringing instruments (percussion/keys) & own vocals on stage. Expect a signature sound, energy and a strong live performance.

The brothers already performed at Tomorrowland (mainstage & live stage), Palookaville, Balaton Sound, We Are Electric, Electric Love, The Ark and have given a sold-out show at Belgian concert venue „Vooruit“.

In February they were the support act for The Chainsmokers in the Lotto Arena, Belgium.

Next to this, Curtis Alto is known for their so-called „daydreams“ – live sessions, recorded at different unique locations (e.g. the atelier of famous baroque artist Rubens or an abandoned cooling tower) with or without an exclusive audience, featuring their new music. The brothers write lyrics about their state of mind or about social issues. You can find their clips, the art work they made in cooperation with a young fashion designer and a taste of their vision on Instagram.  

They signed with the label „Spinnin‘ Records“ 2 years ago – and have their own imprint within it called Curtis Alto music.

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Spittelauer Lände 12, 1090 Wien
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