So, 8. Jul 2012

Dan Andriano & Brendan Kelly

Dan Andriano and Brendan Kelly are probably best known as the bassists and vocalists for the long running punk bands Alkaline Trio and Lawrence Arms, respectively. However, lately both have branched off into the more nuanced projects, Dan Andriano In The Emergency Room and Brendan Kelly and The Wandering Birds.

Now, the two longtime friends (and bandmates from both the Falcon and Slapstick, if you really want to go back) are embarking on an acoustic oriented tour of the UK and Europe. Expect stripped down Alkaline Trio, Lawrence Arms and Falcon songs, as well as newer In the Emergency Room and Wandering Birds material. Dan and Brendan have indicated that they’re going to be backing each other up, singing together and generally confounding the traditional rock show structure, so show up early, bring your drinking livers and your singing voices and get ready for a raucous good time, some spilled whiskey, some new songs, some old songs and the kind of show that only happens when the goal is to throw a great party.

Arena Wien - 3raum
Baumgasse 80, 1030 Wien
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