Mi, 27. Sep 2023

Mind over Matter presents FROG LEAP

Frog Leap is a band put together by Norwegian youtuber Leo Moracchioli.

His highly successful youtube channel with over 4,6 million subscribers and 1,2 billion views is known for doing insane and highly quality metal covers of pop songs.

After high demand a band was formed to take the songs to the live stage.

Band Members:

Leo Moracchioli – Vocals & Guitars

Rabea Massaad – Guitars

Erik Torp – Bass

Truls Haugen – Drums

  • Einlass 19:00
  • Beginn 20:00
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PLANET.tt im Gasometer
Guglgasse 8, Gasometer B, 1110 Wien
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  • Frog Leap Headliner


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