Mi, 2. Okt 2024

FM4 Indiekiste presents Jakub Zytecki European Tour Twenty Twenty Four

JAKUB ZYTECKI- guitarist and composer from Poland channeling feelings of escapism through his virtuoso guitar technique. His musical roots, deeply embedded in the progressive metal scene, helped form his craft’s bedrock. While his earlier work primarily showcased his guitar prowess, his recent compositions reflect an evolving passion for songwriting

More than just intricate guitar work, his songs now incorporate meticulously crafted vocal lines that perfectly harmonize with his instrumentals. His fondness for music production and mixing adds another dimension to his artistry, giving his sound a distinct, crystalline quality that continues to develop with each release

When forming a band in the year of 2018, Jakub invited Jozef Rusinowski (drums) & Michal Sarapata (bass) to help him recreate the music in a live environment. Merging a classic rock approach with an electronic world of synthesizers and drum machines on stage, the project became an interesting anomaly on the progressive rock & metal scene.

’’Jakub’s breathtaking runs sound like cascading waterfalls, made all the more death-defying by his crystalline clean tone. At times, his playful hammer-ons, pull-offs and tapping techniques sound like a Japanese koto. Instrumental guitar simply doesn’t get more life-affirming’’ – musicradar.com

„Zytecki’s tone and timbre have been established: warm, uplifting, and friendly. This is music meant to soothe the soul, even as it challenges the mind.” – newnoisemagazine.com

’’Meet ambient shredder Jakub Zytecki – the trailblazing virtuoso who picks plugins over pedals and plays a Kurt Cobain-inspired 8-string’’ – guitarworld.com

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Landstrasser Hauptstraße 38, 1030 Wien
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