Sa, 11. Mrz 2017


Guru said it best: “[If] your voice ain’t dope, then you need to chill.” Jonwayne will never have to retire. Hirsute, bespectacled, and owner of the world’s largest combined collection of basketball shorts, Bukowski books, and open-toed footwear, he is one of L.A.’s most formidable rapper/producers. His voice sucks the oxygen out of a room and manufactures its own. It hits with the force of Thor’s hammer. When you’re backed by beats built to crack tympanic membranes and splinter floorboards, this is both an asset and a necessity.

  • Einlass 19:30
  • Beginn 20:30
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Flex Cafe
Am Donaukanal, 1013 Flex Cafe
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  • Jonwayne Headliner
  • Huhnmensch & der böse Wolf Support


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