Sa, 2. Apr 2011

KAIZERS ORCHESTRA, Support: Billy Barman, Bernhoft

The first taste from this extensive project is the single „Hjerteknuser“, a grand romantic pop song to be released November 2010. Frontsinger Janove and bassist for Kaizers will at that time embark on a comprehensive release/promo tour performing mini-concerts of the single and other new material from Volume I with release date 29th of January 2011.

In March the band will embark on a major European tour running for 6 weeks. The tour will culminate on April 9th, with the band celebrating their 10 year anniversary with their fans at Norway’s biggest venue „Oslo Spectum“. Kaizers Orchestra will also be playing festivals through out Europe next summer.

  • Einlass 19:00
  • Beginn 20:00
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Raiffeisen Halle im Gasometer
Guglgasse 8, Gasometer B, 1110 Wien
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  • Kaizers Orchestra Headliner


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  • Raiffeisenbank Wien, Niederösterreich, Burgenland

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