Fr, 12. Apr 2013


There are all sorts of reasons why people become musicians, with some simply fated to pursue the path. It’s not how they start out, however, rather than how they proceed that matters. LINNEA OLSSON is no exception, and this fact is reflected in the manner in which her debut solo album, AH!, unfolds. Stroking out low, mournful notes on her cello, layering them delicately upon one another before teasing out ‘Ocean’s’ melody on its higher strings, she sets a tone that predicts an album which might sit comfortably alongside the burgeoning post-classical / neo-classical movement. But to make such an assumption would be entirely wrong: LINNEA OLSSON rarely treads where one might expect.

B 72
Hernalser Gürtel Bogen 72 -73, 1080 Wien
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  • Linnea Olsson Headliner
  • Jennie Abrahamson Support


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