Mo, 23. Apr 2012


Dan Matz (Windsor for the Derby) and I recorded these songs at his (various) house(s) over the course of two years. This was completely collaborative, in that one of us would present the other a simple, basic idea, and then we’d build on it together, sharing completely in the songwriting process. In general, we alternate lead vocals from song to song throughout the album. We used a variety of instruments. They include: our voices, acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitar, various organs, piano, synthesizer, drums/percussion (as well as some simple drum machine), harmonica, banjo, a few samples here and there, various toy and miniature percussion instruments, etc. James Plotkin contributed guitar and background voice on a few songs. Anna Neighbor contributed background voice on a few songs as well. Dan MatzThis album was a pleasure for us both to make, completely free of the stress usually associated with working on our other projects, and devoid of ego (for me, a big step!). Dan did all of the engineering on the record, to excellent effect, I believe. We both learned how to do this recording as it unfolded, and let the songs grow according to their own will whatever seemed called for at the time. Nothing was really pre-conceived by either of us, in terms of arrangement. As I’ve said elsewhere regarding this project, we look at it as a „pop“ record. However, admittedly, our view of that term might differ from the usual implied connotation! Anyway, here’s some songs, and we hope you enjoy them.

Lerchenfelder Gürtel, U-Bahn Bögen 29-31, 1080 Wien
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