So, 11. Feb 2024

FM4 Indiekiste presents Nothing But Thieves

Nothing But Thieves have shared their energetic and anthemic new single ‘Oh No :: He Said What?’ alongside the announcement of a Deluxe version of their #1 album ‘Dead Club City’ released on 15th March via RCA/Sony.

Nothing But Thieves enjoyed an incredible 2023; their fourth album ‘Dead Club City’ charted at #1, they performed a sell-out UK tour, including two nights at London’s Wembley Arena, Radio 1 named their single ‘Welcome to the DCC’ their Hottest Record of the Year and Radio X gave them the Best Record of the Year award for their single ‘Overcome’.

Kicking off 2024 with a bang, they are back with a new single ‘Oh No :: He Said What?’, which received its first play as Clara Amfo’s Hottest Record in the World on Radio 1 last night. Recorded at the end of the original ‘Dead Club City’ writing sessions, ‘Oh No :: He Said What?’ is a band favourite and showcases their versality and creativity as songwriters. Continuing the disconcerted atmosphere of the album with its urgent and direct intro, the experimental track builds with soaring vocals, ‘80s-inspired synths and rock guitars, making another statement return. The band say;

“Like ‘Welcome To The DCC’, the song is mostly from the point of view of those running ‘Dead Club City’ – except now, they’re panicked by the monster they’ve helped to create. The grifters have moved in. A utopia that was meant to be beyond borders or traditional government control has been dragged back down by the human condition, maybe it was inevitable.”

“The song was the very last thing we finished off in the studio and at one point wasn’t really part of the concept. The story was meant to end with ‘Pop The Balloon’ but these extra songs leave the door open a bit. We like that. Maybe we’ll want to check in on ‘Dead Club City’ in a decade’s time and see how it’s doing?”

The band introduced a new era of Nothing But Thieves with ‘Dead Club City’, which was recorded and produced by Nothing But Thieves guitarist Dom Craik alongside John Gilmore (production, engineering) and Mike Crossey (mixing). The concept-style album showcased their city-sized members only club, with the tracklist and overall narrative formed by different characters and story arcs from in and around the city. Using the club as a focal point, it is easy to imagine the real-world meaning behind ‘Dead Club City’. Themes such as advertisement, unity, internet culture, the music industry, ageing and politics, as well as escapism and change are highlighted by the alienation or privilege of a members only club.

Continuing their exploration within the club and evolving the story to introduce new chapters, ‘Dead Club City Deluxe’ features three new songs, including new single ‘Oh No :: He Said What?’, ‘Time :: Fate :: Karma :: God’ and ‘Pure You’. It also features Stripped versions of two of the original album’s singles ‘Overcome’ and ‘Tomorrow Is Closed’

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