Di, 12. Nov 2013


The Danish band The Eclectic Moniker has had an impressive 2012 so far. They are by the Danish press viewed as one of the most promising acts of 2012, and has already been rewarded with two important music prizes as well as extensive publicity in every corner of the country. The Danish National Radio, P3, have from the start been enthusiastic, and since the release of their first single “Easter Island”, as well as their second single “Going To Paris” the radio have provided The Eclectic Moniker with heavy airplay. Being a band considered as an indie band playing calypso and afro pop it was a big surprise to be competing with bigger artist in the top twenty on the national airplay chart, where their first single peaked as number two in February.

A personal and musical goal has always been to get the audience to stop, listen and dance to the band’s alternative and exotic calypso-afro-pop. The melodies from the southern hemisphere have not previously been served from Danish latitudes, but nonetheless, The Eclectic Moniker masters the discipline and understands the formula to perfection.

May the 14th 2012 the album was released. The album was well received and it quickly achieved a first place position on Danish iTunes, as well as being on the top 20 list on the Danish airplay chart for more than 7 weeks.

When the band isn’t in the studio recording or writing, they are busy touring. The Eclectic Moniker is known for their unpredictable and flamboyant live shows, where they leave the venue and audience in a love inferno feeling even more connected to the 7 musicians than when they first entered the venue.

One of the reasons why the crowd looses all control is a mixture of lead singer Frederik Vedersø’s ability to connect with the rest of the band and the audience in a way that oozes self-confidence. He balances between either clear or deep tones so words and music melt together in pure synergy, where the sound consists of bits and pieces of everything – treats from western indie tones and background music with African atmosphere.

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Währinger Straße 59, 1090 Wien
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