Do, 28. Nov 2019


“Every single song is different. We didn’t go into the studio thinking what we wanted things to sound like. We went into writing each track as its own identity and we ended up with this collection of songs where each expresses a different emotion and tell a different story. The progression of where we were a year ago to where we are now is amazing.” 


The songs have resonated with fans all over the world. The band has already accumulated almost four million streams on Spotify. By the end of 2018, The Faim will have toured extensively, performing at festivals like Download Festival, Slam Dunk Festival and Reading and Leeds and playing shows across Europe, Austrlia, and the United States. Each evening onstage the musicians aim to connect with every single person in the room. They work tirelessly to build a deeply personal fanbase, both in person and online, and the effort shows. 


“Our message has always been to inspire people with music,” Josh says. “We want to create a community of positive role models. It’s not about a product for us. It’s something real and genuine.” Stephen adds, “You’ll never get anything fake from us. Our hearts and souls are on our sleeves 100 percent of the time.”

  • Einlass 19:00
  • Beginn 20:00
Conrad Sohm
Boden 1, 6850 Dornbirn
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  • The Faim Headliner


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