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After an explosive show at DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL 2013 and recently being nominated for BEST NEW BAND at this years Classic Rock Awards everybody seems to be talking about The Graveltones and their debut album due for UK release in October. Here’s a few words to fill you in on what you’ve missed. Two boys from two towns in Australia run away to London in search of a channel for their immense musical talents. A chance meeting on London’s famous Tin Pan Alley, where the likes of The Rolling Stones and The Sex Pistols were part of the furniture back in the day, brings them together into a music studio for an exploratory Jam session… No-one knows what happened in that room on that day, but the world, or at least most of central London certainly heard what happened next: three days later, the pair were tearing the roof off the 100 Club, and in a couple more days, phone-made videos of that first gig were circulating the cyber waves. This was a rock epiphany. The Graveltones had arrived. That was February 2011. Two years on, the Graveltones story-so-far has unfolded in epic proportions. They have played over 350 live shows world wide, with tours of Australia and Europe in 2012/13 embellishing the UK and London gig CV, an astonishing feat of Beatle-esque proportions. For anyone lucky enough to have been taken by the ears and dragged around a room by this band, Jimmy O (guitars/vocals) and Mikey Sorbello (Drums/noises) will have left a lasting impression. Punters, journalists, broadcasters, even fellow pro musicians such as former Steely Dan guitarist Elliott Randall pretty much all agree (in Elliott’s words) that The Graveltones ‚Deliver the most exciting, musical, and texturally compelling sounds of any duo I’ve had the pleasure of listening to (and jamming with!)‘. As well as success on the road, this two-piece blues-rock thunderclap have also been very busy gracing us with some stunning studio performances. The eponymous debut EP, recorded in just two days in early 2011 followed in 2012 with their single ‚I Want Your Love‘, both proving to be a great success with media and fans. Rave reviews online and in magazines all over the globe proclaim the coming of musical greatness, with London’s Grapevine Music gushing, ‚it’s so exciting to be there just at the start of something amazing‘ and LONDONIST naming them #1 in the top London bands to watch in 2012′. The Irish Lottery also took advantage of their phenomenal studio sound using ‚I Want Your Love‘ as the theme tune to their recent (and very successful) TV advertising campaign, followed by Rimmel using the same track for their 2013 Kate Moss campaign, leaving the entire nation wondering ‚who’s that band?‘ The entire nation, and indeed the rest of the world is about to find out. As The Graveltones continue to surf the crest of their own tumultuous wave, 2013 has Raised the bar to greater heights. Whereas is 2012, the majority of the media were talking about a band who ‚may soon join the paired ranks of their peers‘ (Rave Magazine Australia), this year should see a few of their excited prophesies coming to fruition. A UK tour with fellow rockers Rival Sons and Download Festival under their belt, a debut album and world tour in place. A new year, a new management deal, a new band for the world to love and covet. And on top of all of this, these are two of the nicest guys you could ever wish to meet. If you’re at a show, or you spot them on the street, don’t be afraid to say hello. Words by Jimmy Hayward (FreeTheJam)

Lerchenfelder Gürtel, U-Bahn Bögen 29-31, 1080 Wien
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